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My name is Drahomír Posteby–Mach. I am a logo and web designer with a passion for hand lettering based in Malmö.
Get in touch to discuss your thoughts. I can still squeeze a project or two into my diary.

Are you ready for a change?

I design a meaningful brand identity that helps you stand out from the crowd. I can help you get more out of your business, get more customers and get higher revenues. Are you ready for the change?

Get more exposure

I design bold logos that help my clients be more visible. I can do the same for you. A logo is a face of your brand and I can design the face that makes you more visible.

Be more professional

I help businesses look more professional and trustworthy. I craft meaningful designs that resonate with the targeted audience and customers.

Get higher value

Do not underestimate the importance of your logo. A well-designed logo helps you get a higher value and more appreciation from your customers.

Be different

The competition is tough. I know that more than well. The design I craft helps you stand out from the crowd. That increases your chances of getting more customers.

Get identity

Brand is everything you do in your business. I design faces that represent and identify brands. My logos are unique and unforgettable.

Sell more

The bottom line is that an effective logo in an accurate reflection of your brand. An effective logo is a logo that sells more. I design effective logos.


My goal is to deliver a professional, effective, creative and unique design solution in every single project.

My services

I work systematically to get the best out of your business. I help tell the stories behind brands. I turn good into great and I help you find the best design solutions for you. I work the following assignments.

Logos and brand identity design

It is not only a logo that you can get. I will help you build the whole brand identity. I design all the elements that together form the unique face of your brand – logo, typography, colours and icons.

Redesign the actual design solutions

I can redesign the existing logo and adjust the identity in order to meet the needs and goals for the targeted audience as well as to catch up with the latest trends and graphic standards.

Design audit and consultation work

Do you need an expert opinion on your logo and identity? Are you not sure whether your logo is effective or unique? Or do you have any other questions? Feel free to get in touch with me.

The way I work

Take a peek behind the scene and get in touch with my design process to get to know how I work, the way I think and what to expect when working with me. 

I need information when working on a new brand identity. That means that I will ask you questions about your company, history, competition, customers, goals and values your brand stands for  in order to find the core of your business. All the information help find the best design solution for you.

Logo and web designer

Featured designs

Featuring the best design is like featuring the best children of yours. I mean, I love my work and I would like to show all the logos I have designed so far. Here are the top four featured designs. Please, visit my portfolio to see it all.

What my clients say about me

"I was in need of a trademark for my business and I managed to get in touch with Drahomír through contacts. He received a very abstract description of what I wished to convey through my trademark and managed to catch the essence of the business concept. The trademark itself is absolutely brilliant and I'm very satisfied. I will definitely use Drahomír for any further assignments and truly recommend others to do as well."
Kristian Hansson
Kristian Hansson
Inventor, Kreospace

Do you need a hand with your project?

I would be delighted to get a chance to work with you! Feel free to send me a message to discuss your project or simply say hello. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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