Trademark and its protection

Trademark protection is an interesting topic and it is even more interesting for me since I am a logo designer who cares. On the 26th June 2018 there was a very informative presentation on the given topic organised by Drivhuset Malmö.

Colours in design and business

It is good to know that there is psychology behind colours. It means that we connect colours to feelings and emotions. The truth is, however, that how we personally feel about particular colours highly depends on our personal experiences, culture, religion, gender, age and other factors.


Good logo, the five crucial attributes

A good logo is a logo that is effective. An effective logo works for your company and represents your brand and your values. An good logo is not a good-looking or a cute pictogram that you fancy. Design has to serve a purpose and therefore it is not art. I have put together five crucial aspects of an effective logo.


Typography essentials for better logo design

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. Legibility, readability and visual attractiveness are crucial attributes of a good logo design (read more about logo design essential here).

A Logo and a brand

The difference between a logo and a brand

People seem to be a little bit confused about the distinction of logos and brands. And by people I mean both, designers and clients. Often when clients refer to a brand they mean their logo. On the other hand there are logo designers who claim that they are doing a new brand for a company although they (“only”) design a new logo for them.

Facebook thumbs

Get a sharp logo on Facebook

Your cover and profile picture on your Facebook site is a very important marketing element. And I would say that it is a good (crucial actually) thing to keep your profile clean, sharp and professional. Don’t forget that you only have one attempt to make a great first impression.