Logo Archive

Logo archive

I have design many logos and here is an archive where you can find my past work.

Night Fox


A logo design for a fashion street-ware company Nigh Fox. This logo is all about a negative space. This technique, when done well, leads into amazing results. This is one of my favourite logo I have created.



Kreospace is a non-profit organisation based in Malmö. Kreospace is gives the opportunity for children to develop their computer skills and coding via programming lego robots. It is all about creativity, community and future well-being.



Logo design for Sekretesso, a Malmö-based (Sweden) company focusing on a destruction of confidential information both analog and digital. My client wished to get a simple and bold logo expressing the process of destruction of confidential and secret information.



Logo design for Bonaeris. Fresh air in every single drop is the main message of the logo for a company that delivers air fresheners for various clients. I have used golden ratio principles in order to craft a harmonic, pleasing and ever-green design.



ProCvrcky is an e-shop dedicated to children. Cvrcek means a cricket, a small beetle and people usually call smal children like that in The Czech Republic. I have simplified the concept and made more children-friendly.



I have design a logo for TriLAB, a company focusing on 3D printing. My client wanted to incorporate a trilobite into the logo as well as layer-based printing process. I have simplified the whole concept and designed a bold logo that represents the brand.



Logo design for a real estate agency focusing on luxury flats and houses. My client wanted a design that is based on clean lines of functionalism architecture. I have designed a logo that consists of two letter “P” creating a perfect square.

Under Kevlaret

Under Kevlaret

Logo design for Under Kevlaret, a non-profit organisation based in Sweden helping young people express their feelings and fears. The organisation is working against the so called macho culture.

Trademark and its protection


Trademark protection is an interesting topic and it is even more interesting for me since I am a logo designer who cares. On the 26th June 2018 there was a very informative presentation on the given topic organised by Drivhuset Malmö.