Design Process

My design process in six steps

1. Definition

Definition of a design brief which is a fundamental document for the whole process.

2. Research & discovery

This is the part of the process where I get to know you and your business.

3. Creation

This is the part where the actual magic happens, this is where I design a logo.

4. Testing and revision

Ensuring that the logo works everywhere– on small as well as on big screens, both digitally and in print.

5. Presentation

This is where you are going to see my logo design suggestions for the first time.

6. Delivery

I will deliver the crafted design according to the design brief to you.


I need information about you and your business before I start working on you new logo. Please feel in the information form to make it easier for me to define our design brief.

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Research & discovery

This phase is one of the most exciting and actually my favourite where I am going to analyse all the information provided. My goal is to get to know your company like the back of my hand. I need to understand your goals, your customers, your history, everything. It will give me the opportunity to generate the right ideas in the next step.​


I always begin with a sheet of paper and write down key words and associations. And then I start sketching the ideas. Once the ideas have been explored on the paper I move to my computer and start to digitalise the ideas. I use a software that is called Adobe Illustrator. You can take a look what the whole process looks like (behind the scene).

take a peek behind the scene

Testing and revision

There are lots of iterations during the whole process and I always refer back to the brief to make sure that I am heading towards the right direction. Every design needs time to mature and my eyes need some break to be ready to come in a day or two to check the design again and refine it.


Once the design is ready to be presented, I will create a document (pdf) with all the logo designs and images in real life examples. I will add notes explaining the designs and decisions made as well. The final choice is up to you and changes will be made where needed.

take a peek behind the scene


Once the design is ready and we are both happy and satisfied with the result, I will send you all the logo files for web and print use. I will add a short guide that will help you use your logo. And of course, if you need any further assistance with your logo files I am here to support you.

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