Design showcase

I would love to show the way I work and what you can expect when hiring me. Take a peek behind the scene my project for Under Kevlaret.

Under kevlaret

I was contacted by Under Kevlaret to redesign their logo. The logo was no longer relevant for the company and they wanted to get a new and fresh look that will meet their needs and will resonate with their audience. I received the original logo and we started working on the project.

Design brief

The goal for this project was to design a serious, modern, clear and stylish logo that represents the targeted audience (young men 16-24). My client wanted a robust and stable logo with a “softness-under-the-hard-surface-feeling” and that was quite challenging.

One of the criteria was to design a logo that could be used both digitally and in print and a logo that respects all the people regardless of their cultural background, religion, race etc.

My client wanted a logo that would be in accordance with a fresh design language they are using – black, white and blue.


provided designs

My client wanted to receive three totally different design concepts in order to choose one to continue to work with. We decided to concentrate on shapes only in the phase and that is why the logo concepts were presented in a black colour.

the final design

My client picked one design to continue to  work with. After several iterations we found the right font and colours that represent the brand. I delivered the design with a logo manual and all the files needed for web, print and other digital work with the logo in the future. Here you can read what my client said about our cooperation.